Wednesday, May 2, 2012


  1. SC = Science Center
  2. DT = Downturn
  3. BTW = Bell Tower
  4. BC = Blood Chemistry  In SC
  5. CB = Concrete Blends  In SC
  6. VM = Vein Mining   In SC
  7. TW= Twilight Warfare  In SC
  8. SS = Shape Shifting  In SC
  9. SB = Selective Breeding  In SC
  10. END = Endurance  In SC
  11. SV = Spectral Vision  In SC
  12. Arch. = Architecture  In SC
  13. BT = Blood Transfusion  In SC
  14. GA = Gargoyle Agility  In SC
  15. OP = Outpost
  16. GG = Gargoyle
  17. GG2 = Gargoyle OP1
  18. GG3 = Gargoyle OP2
  19. Gen. = General
  20. Att. = Attack
  21. Def. = Defense
  22. RNG = Random Number Generator (This means camps have Rng to prevent being hit over and over without loss with the bare minimum numbers to take a camp)

1 comment:

  1. scripts, how to use them , use firefox, down load greasemonkey,
    the make an account here
    go to either one of these and install
    refresh your browser
    look at the top
    you hit attack
    then you put in the rbc you want to hit
    make sure you use 1 troop type and can take the rbc
    then put in how many troops
    hit zerg and update, wait a bit should work
    you can do same to get speeds from shanks
    put in 2 troops types
    after you are done goto the firefox button on the top in the corner
    remove the script, and clean your cache there you did it