Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Outpost Builds

 Their are different opinions on how to build your outpost so im gonna show my build...
I Build 22 Barracks and 5 Houses.

I like to have a little more houses then the average player because i build a very small field in my outpost. (Dont want a big field or you will lose to much idle pop that you will need.) So i like to build 1 to 2 of a crystal pit and steelworks in my field because its easy money. Dont be like everyone else and ignore it. Also just because their is empty squares dont over due it. just a few thats it You will need alot of resources to upgrade your Ziggurat witch gives you a permanent combat boost towards your troops.


  1. interesting i wish i saw this right when i got an outpost because i did the exact oposite of some of the things u said

  2. scripts, how to use them , use firefox, down load greasemonkey,
    the make an account here
    go to either one of these and install
    refresh your browser
    look at the top
    you hit attack
    then you put in the rbc you want to hit
    make sure you use 1 troop type and can take the rbc
    then put in how many troops
    hit zerg and update, wait a bit should work
    you can do same to get speeds from shanks
    put in 2 troops types
    after you are done goto the firefox button on the top in the corner
    remove the script, and clean your cache there you did it