Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Game Request's

Please post all comment's on request's here


  1. can kabam set up all worlds , by ages ? say this world is for players ages 10 to 17 and this world is for 18 to 30 and so on .. there are a lot of kids out of school now, and they ack like kids but they try to ack all grown up you have olds hiting on kids and you got kids hiting on the older people lie about there age gender, and who they are, cant you at kabam do some thing about this please.

  2. i love ur guide!! its the best i have seen so far!!! would u happen to have one for dragons of atlantis also?

    1. Well thank you for the complement. When it come to Dragons Of Atlantis its a different story. DOA is so much bigger and if you really want to succeed you have to spend rubies in that game. Completion grants are a must have and you need at the very lest 10 and at least 5 Ancestral seals.
      But i do like a challenge and i will do you for DOA. Wikki is great for that game. but ill piece a guide together.

  3. I have to disagree with that SavageBlood. You are highly intelligent, and definitely a huge help to so many. But it seems to be biased by saying you HAVE to spend rubies in the game to be successful. That's so not true. I'm a free player, and I know I'm as successful as most in my world, and have achieved everything through hard work and dedication and just love for the game. Now... If only Thirst of Night could be as in depth as DoA is, I'd be even happier.

  4. well sorry ive been gone for almost 5 months. but im a free player in doa and i try to fight the strongest. and sorry but to compete with them you need rubies to make the stronger troops. but thirst is better because they dont give you a shit ton of troops for buying rubies. doa is not fair when it comes to that