Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Main City Build

Their are different opinions on how the city is built. In the very beginning they have you build a Nightclub. I build it at first and destroy it when they give you a raze. In my opinion it's pointless. I replace it with a house. I have a total of 6 houses and 14 Barracks. you will do most of your big training in your outpost. And of course 1 of every other building they have you build.

 Now for the field. Depending on what you like to use weather its bats and speed troops VS snipers and ranged and melee troops you want to build your field to suit you flavor. Bats take alot of crystal so build a few more crystal pits than steelworks. Were as Snipers and nosferatu take mostly steel so build more steelworks. Your not gonna need more than 3 bloodlabs and no more than 5 concrete plants. I personaly like the ranged troop/meatshield tactic so i build more steelworks.

                                                                       You decide.


  1. y do u build so many barracks what is the purpose of having so many i hav 7 right now an it doesnt seem lik it makes the trainin speed any faster

  2. it does make the training speed faster. try this set to train 500 of lets say snipers see how long it takes. build up a few more barrarks and see how much time has been cut

  3. Does the training time go down if you have all your barracks up to the same level, or is that a waste of resources?

  4. the speed goes down (faster) for each few level ups of your barracks. But a "new" barrack cut`s the time (relatively seen) way more.