Wednesday, May 2, 2012

RBC Camps Snipers + Armored Trucks

  1. 100                   25                         SV.1 TW.0 BT.0
  2. 200                   50                         SV.3 TW.3 BT.2
  3. 500                  150                        SV.4 TW.3 BT.2
  4. 1,200               150                        SV.4 TW.4 BT.3
  5. 5,000               200                        SV.4 TW.4 BT.4   Att.Gen 8+
  6. 10,000             250                        SV.6 TW.6 BT.5
  7. 20,000             500                        SV.7 TW.7 BT.6 ( some people have losses. add 1 sigbin to take the fall)
  8. 30,000            1,000                      SV.9 TW.8 BT.8
  9. 70,000            5,000                      SV.8 TW.8 BT.8  Att.Gen 15 + Gargoyle lvl.9
  10. UNKOWN


  1. figure out lvl 10 plz

  2. lvl 7 was working for a day then next day try again with 25k snipes and 500 at and a lvl 16 gen with sv tw bt at lvl 8 and lost all of it so i will not use this guide again vampin has been about 95 % correct with info and the 5 % that is not right is very minor compared to what i got

    1. lvl 7 has a warning... some people may have losses use 1 sig with the rest of the troops to lose the 1 sig instead of your snipers. and if you lost all your snipers you wouldnt lose them all unless you forgot to sent the ats

  3. reason the lvl 7 works one day and not the next is because from lvl 7 upwards the troops are randomized but still totalling the a certain amount of troops.. lvl 7 100k troops, lvl 8 200k troops, lvl 9 400k troops, lvl 10 800k troops.
    So one fight u might not have many ranged fighters against time it could be alot of ranged fighters. So from lvl 7 onwards it is dicey to use the sniper/meatshield combo. Better to switch to bats for these levels.
    This is what has been discovered by my alliance.

  4. sounds like you may have hit a glitch, i just did the same run and had no problems

  5. I have been using Savage Bloods guides since March and haven't had any problems with any of them; including this one and the Pythus guide.

  6. level 10? exactly what ive been trying to figure out. lol

  7. Lvl 10 with snipers is a stupid thing to want, I used bats for 1-9 so, never made snipers.

  8. 96000 snipers and 4000 ATs for no/ min losses

  9. Lvl 9 85k snipers 4999 AT 1 vbat lose the vbat
    lvl 5 zig
    lvl 15 defense general
    NO Vengeance or Fortitude